Saturday, July 20, 2013

Monday July 15th

Jordan had a great week! He did an exchange with a missionary named elder Sheridan on who has only been out of the MTC for 3 months so he said that was very crazy trying to talk to people! They were able to give Jasmina her baptismal interview but then she called them the next day and said she had smoked so they had to call it off for now but hopefully they can baptize her in a few weeks! Jord is still talking with the Grandpa of the family they met a few weeks ago, his name is Osmo. He seems very interested still and Jordan is hopeful that he will want to be converted! They also have some other investigators that seem very interested. One investigator named Sanja is hoping to get baptized on August 27th! They only had 9 people at church on Sunday but there were 6 missionaries, 2 investigators and 1 member so they are really trying to get their numbers up. Jordan gave a talk about the Holy Ghost in Bosnian and really hoped that everyone could understand him!

Jordan told me that they met a tourist from Florida and that she took a picture with him and his companion so I decided to look on instagram and see if I could find the picture and I did! I love when people post stuff about my brother and I am so thankful for modern technology so I can see stuff like this!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Monday July 8th

Pray for Jordan a lot this week! He became discouraged this week and really homesick and he needs all of our blessings! His e-mails this week were a little shorter because he didn't have much time. President Rowe came to church with them this week and Jordan said he gave such a powerful talk and that the spirit was so strong there. A 19 year old girl named Sanja from their English class felt the spirit so strong that she went and talked to President Rowe afterwards and wants to be baptized now! 

During the week the Elders saw a man carrying a lot of heavy groceries to they offered to help him carry them home. When they got to his house he invited them in and they were able to talk to him and his family about the restoration. The Grandpa seemed very interested so they gave him a pamphlet and came back for another lesson that week and showed them the restoration video. They are now new investigators! Jasmina is still getting baptized on July 16th and Bahrudina is still deciding if she will that day also. PLEASE keep Jordan in your prayers this week and pray that he will start progressing more with the language and pray that he won't be too homesick! 

This picture is on a different blog called "Winters in Bosnia". It is about Sister Winters and her husband in the middle and their mission experience. She feeds Jordan every Sunday and has posted some awesome pictures on her blog so we have been able to see more of Jord! 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday July 1st

Jordan's e-mail to us this week started out with "This week was a great week, I am really pumped to be a missionary right now!" Sounds like he is enjoying himself! They were finally able to watch the missionary broadcast this weekend and he said they enjoyed it a lot! He said every morning him and Elder Kroff get up and recite their purpose in English and Bosnian. Their purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through Faith and Jesus Christ and his atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end! Remember how their mission president challenged them to get to 10,000 church invites in June? Well they got 10,431! Jordan and Elder Kroff got 159 in one day! President Rowe was very happy with them and he will be in Tuzla on July 7th so Jordan is excited to see him.

Jordan and Elder Kroff had to spend 4 hours moving today because their year was up and apparently their landlord kinda sucks too. He likes his new apartment though and he really likes his new landlord, especially because she can speak English! Also, the Adriatic North mission is growing! Starting July 28th, Montenegro will be a part of Jordan's mission! Jord and Elder Kroff didn't have a ton of success this week because everyone they talk to says they are Muslim, even though they don't practice it. He also has a lot of the older generation telling him that they don't believe in God because God wouldn't have let the war kill thousands of people and destroy their cities. Another way Jordan and Elder Kroff have been working hard is by teaching beginner and advanced English classes every day! Jordan says he likes doing this a lot because it helps him with his Bosnian since that is what language he has to teach in.

Jordan was VERY happy to learn that the Jazz drafted Try Burke and 2 other very talented players on Thursday also. He is mad that when it looks like the Jazz will finally have a decent season, he won't be able to watch! But I will be sending him play by play details of every game :) Jordan asks that everyone please keep Jasmina in our prayers because she is still having a hard time with smoking but she really wants to be baptized still!