Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday April 29th

This week was a little bit tougher for Jordan than the others have been! One of his companions that he was very close with went home for stress! That was hard for Jordan but luckily he had a 3-way companionship so he still has one of his good friends with him! His-email was very short today because they changed his p-day to Friday so he could only get on for a bit today to tell us all that. He did send quite a few pictures though so we were really excited to get that. He found one of his best friends in the MTC who just entered a few weeks ago so he was really excited about that! Pray for Jord and I will have more from his e-mail on Friday!
One of his best friends Hunter Casey going to the San Diego Mission

The Croatian Flag 

The Provo Temple 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Typical Week!

Jordan described this week as a "typical week in the MTC". When he e-mailed us he had just gotten back from doing a session at the Provo temple and he said it was awesome! Richard G. Scott came and talked to them for their Tuesday night devotional and Jordan said he is a really great speaker.

He said "he also gave us a blessing but the crazy part is when he was done talking we sang a closing hymn, but while the sister who was saying the closing prayer made her way to the pulpit Elder Scott stopped her and then continued to talk for like two more minutes. You know that if an Apostle of the Lord stands up to say something he forgot it must be pretty important! haha."

 He also said Elder Scott gave them all a blessing. We had a lot going on in the family last week, some good and some bad, so he was mostly responding to all that! He was super excited that our little sister got a job at the place he used to work (Stadium 8 movie theater). Also, our little brother is following in Jordan's footsteps and started Lacrosse this year and he has already scored a few goals so Jord was super excited about that also. On a bit of a scarier note, our step-dad had an emergency and was in the hospital for a few days with a super infected appendix. But he is better now and Jordan said he was praying for him to recover quickly.

Jord said he is really starting to progress with his Croatian! He said he can actually understand what his teachers are saying when they are speaking Croatian. I had to break the bad news to him that the Jazz didn't make the playoffs but the Lakers did (yuck). He was pretty sad but he also said he was glad because if they finally made it far when he was gone he was going to be really mad! Jordan hits his 4 week mark on Wednesday which means he is half way done with the MTC! Pray for him as he continues to learn Croatian and learns to teach the gospel!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Jordan has more than enough treats!!

Provo Temple

Always representing the Jazz!! 

Starjesina Stuart! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

E-mail Monday April 8th

We got some more e-mails e-mails from Jord yesterday and he is still doing great! I was super excited to read this week that he saw two of my best friends in the MTC! Sister Madeline Macey in the cafeteria and Sister Hannah Bezdigan because they are in the same building and on the same floor for class. Madeline left for Chile yesterday and Hannah is going to Armenia. He also said he has seen some of his friends from back home in the MTC but he never has his camera on him so he hasn't gotten any pictures with them. Jordan said he likes that he is always in a set schedule every week with classes and going to bed and such but he still isn't quite used to it because he is used to "going with the flow" at home. He was really excited about the Jazz doing well and said he wanted to watch a game so bad! His birthday was this past week so my mom went and bought him one of those birthday cards that sings to you when he opens it. We had all the employees who work with me at Golds Gym sign it because that is where he worked right up until he left. He said he LOVED the card because it was the closest he has come to listening to "real music". Jordan said the Croatian is coming along great and that he is learning more and more everyday! He said it was really exciting that he is already able to say so much in such a tough language. He did say he was having problems conjugating verbs. (After a week and a half I would say that is still pretty dang good!) He said his companions are really cool and that they "weren't too strict or anything". The acapella group Vocal Point came and performed for them and he liked it a lot. He also said he really enjoyed conference and he felt like everything coming out of the speakers mouths was about missionary work. Overall Jordan sounds like he is doing really well and we can't wait to hear from him again!

Monday, April 1, 2013

First P-day and E-mails!

We got our first e-mails from Jord today! Yay!! His p-day is Monday and he has 1 hour to e-mail every Monday but he can write letters all day if he wants to. In his e-mail to me he said that the MTC is great! He also said he loved all the Dear Elders he was getting which is great because between my sister and I he has been getting a ton! Also in his e-mail to me he asked about the Utah Jazz (of course) because we are both fanatics! He is going to be mad because before he left they were playing terribly and since he's been gone they are on a 4 game winning streak and have been playing awesome! He will be super happy to know that the Jazz passed the Lakers and are now in the playoffs again. (We are completely anti-Lakers) In his e-mail to my Mom he said things were going great! Jordan has 2 companions names Elder Fausnaught from Alabama and Elder Kodra from Lehi, Utah and he said they are "way cool". He forgot his SD card and his camera cord so he hasn't been able to send pictures yet but he will as soon as my Mom sends them to him! He said they take walks around the temple on Sunday nights and he loves it. He can also pray and bear his testimony in Croatian! It's so amazing how the lord helps these young boys pick up on the languages they have to learn so quickly, it has only been 5 days!! These were his exact words: 

"How is everyone I miss you guys a lot and pray for you guys in pretty much every prayer. I have learned to bear my testimony and say a prayer in Croatian which is really cool! It's crazy that if you put all your trust and faith in the lord you can do anything!" 

I am so proud of my little brother! I can already see a huge transformation just through his e-mails. He is going to be a great missionary in Croatia! He said the food is good and the lines aren't that long so he has only had to wait for about 5 minutes to eat. He turns 19 on Thursday the 4th so he will be getting lots of goodies from various family members... he is going to be loving life! Pray for him as he continues to learn Croatian and learn how to be a great missionary!