Monday, April 1, 2013

First P-day and E-mails!

We got our first e-mails from Jord today! Yay!! His p-day is Monday and he has 1 hour to e-mail every Monday but he can write letters all day if he wants to. In his e-mail to me he said that the MTC is great! He also said he loved all the Dear Elders he was getting which is great because between my sister and I he has been getting a ton! Also in his e-mail to me he asked about the Utah Jazz (of course) because we are both fanatics! He is going to be mad because before he left they were playing terribly and since he's been gone they are on a 4 game winning streak and have been playing awesome! He will be super happy to know that the Jazz passed the Lakers and are now in the playoffs again. (We are completely anti-Lakers) In his e-mail to my Mom he said things were going great! Jordan has 2 companions names Elder Fausnaught from Alabama and Elder Kodra from Lehi, Utah and he said they are "way cool". He forgot his SD card and his camera cord so he hasn't been able to send pictures yet but he will as soon as my Mom sends them to him! He said they take walks around the temple on Sunday nights and he loves it. He can also pray and bear his testimony in Croatian! It's so amazing how the lord helps these young boys pick up on the languages they have to learn so quickly, it has only been 5 days!! These were his exact words: 

"How is everyone I miss you guys a lot and pray for you guys in pretty much every prayer. I have learned to bear my testimony and say a prayer in Croatian which is really cool! It's crazy that if you put all your trust and faith in the lord you can do anything!" 

I am so proud of my little brother! I can already see a huge transformation just through his e-mails. He is going to be a great missionary in Croatia! He said the food is good and the lines aren't that long so he has only had to wait for about 5 minutes to eat. He turns 19 on Thursday the 4th so he will be getting lots of goodies from various family members... he is going to be loving life! Pray for him as he continues to learn Croatian and learn how to be a great missionary! 


  1. I want to go to the Provo Temple on Sunday evening so I can see him!! But I won't....maybe ;)

  2. Fun to hear of the new missionaries entering the MTC. My son, Elder Todd McAllister was to enter the MTC on March 27th to prepare to go to the Adriatic North Mission with this same group but just before Christmas we received a call from our Stake President giving Todd the option of entering the MTC on January 23rd. Todd just left the MTC on March 25th to go to Croatia. We also have a blog for Todd We have posted letters from the MTC and also letters from Croatia. He is near the mission home in Zagreb, Croatia. He says it is beautiful. Maybe our sons will have the opportunity to serve together during the 2 years.

  3. That is really cool thank you for sharing that Ann! I will have to look at his blog. I hope they meet while in Craotia... i'm sure they will!