Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday April 29th

This week was a little bit tougher for Jordan than the others have been! One of his companions that he was very close with went home for stress! That was hard for Jordan but luckily he had a 3-way companionship so he still has one of his good friends with him! His-email was very short today because they changed his p-day to Friday so he could only get on for a bit today to tell us all that. He did send quite a few pictures though so we were really excited to get that. He found one of his best friends in the MTC who just entered a few weeks ago so he was really excited about that! Pray for Jord and I will have more from his e-mail on Friday!
One of his best friends Hunter Casey going to the San Diego Mission

The Croatian Flag 

The Provo Temple 

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