Friday, May 17, 2013

May 10th and May 17th

I am behind a week! I was in San Diego last week taking a nice little trip after finals and didn't have time to update the blog! Jordan is doing really well! While my boyfriend Kyle and I were in California, my grandma Dorothy told us Jordan had mentioned in a letter that he wanted some new brighter ties so she gave us some cash and we went to the mall to pick some out! I was a little worried because I didn't know exactly what he meant by brighter, but he said he loves them! Jord says he really feels like the language is coming along also. He said he can say most words and understand what people are saying when they are speaking Croatian. He said he just needs to work on forming sentences but he thinks that will come when he is actually in Croatia and can hear the natives speaking.

He was cracking me up because in both e-mails he mentioned how much he wanted to see Iron Man 3. He said a few new Elders came into the MTC and were talking about it and he was so jealous! I told him I will make a list of all the new awesome movies coming out and we can have a marathon when he gets home! He also needed an NBA playoffs update so when I sent him one his response was "I heard that OKC got shut out by the Grizzlies I wasn't expecting that but hopefully some team can beat the stupid heat! My thoughts exactly.

On a more exciting note... Jord got his travel plans for Croatia!! He is so excited! He will be flying out of Salt Lake on May 27th at 11 and he will fly to Seattle first, then to Paris, then to Zagreb Croatia! I am SO EXCITED to talk to him on the phone that morning!!!!! He is really excited to actually get out there and start teaching people. He said that the MTC is great and all but he has been in there way long and needs to leave! Keep him in your prayers for his last 10 days in the MTC and pray that he has a safe trip to Croatia!!

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