Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Typical Week!

Jordan described this week as a "typical week in the MTC". When he e-mailed us he had just gotten back from doing a session at the Provo temple and he said it was awesome! Richard G. Scott came and talked to them for their Tuesday night devotional and Jordan said he is a really great speaker.

He said "he also gave us a blessing but the crazy part is when he was done talking we sang a closing hymn, but while the sister who was saying the closing prayer made her way to the pulpit Elder Scott stopped her and then continued to talk for like two more minutes. You know that if an Apostle of the Lord stands up to say something he forgot it must be pretty important! haha."

 He also said Elder Scott gave them all a blessing. We had a lot going on in the family last week, some good and some bad, so he was mostly responding to all that! He was super excited that our little sister got a job at the place he used to work (Stadium 8 movie theater). Also, our little brother is following in Jordan's footsteps and started Lacrosse this year and he has already scored a few goals so Jord was super excited about that also. On a bit of a scarier note, our step-dad had an emergency and was in the hospital for a few days with a super infected appendix. But he is better now and Jordan said he was praying for him to recover quickly.

Jord said he is really starting to progress with his Croatian! He said he can actually understand what his teachers are saying when they are speaking Croatian. I had to break the bad news to him that the Jazz didn't make the playoffs but the Lakers did (yuck). He was pretty sad but he also said he was glad because if they finally made it far when he was gone he was going to be really mad! Jordan hits his 4 week mark on Wednesday which means he is half way done with the MTC! Pray for him as he continues to learn Croatian and learns to teach the gospel!

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