Tuesday, April 9, 2013

E-mail Monday April 8th

We got some more e-mails e-mails from Jord yesterday and he is still doing great! I was super excited to read this week that he saw two of my best friends in the MTC! Sister Madeline Macey in the cafeteria and Sister Hannah Bezdigan because they are in the same building and on the same floor for class. Madeline left for Chile yesterday and Hannah is going to Armenia. He also said he has seen some of his friends from back home in the MTC but he never has his camera on him so he hasn't gotten any pictures with them. Jordan said he likes that he is always in a set schedule every week with classes and going to bed and such but he still isn't quite used to it because he is used to "going with the flow" at home. He was really excited about the Jazz doing well and said he wanted to watch a game so bad! His birthday was this past week so my mom went and bought him one of those birthday cards that sings to you when he opens it. We had all the employees who work with me at Golds Gym sign it because that is where he worked right up until he left. He said he LOVED the card because it was the closest he has come to listening to "real music". Jordan said the Croatian is coming along great and that he is learning more and more everyday! He said it was really exciting that he is already able to say so much in such a tough language. He did say he was having problems conjugating verbs. (After a week and a half I would say that is still pretty dang good!) He said his companions are really cool and that they "weren't too strict or anything". The acapella group Vocal Point came and performed for them and he liked it a lot. He also said he really enjoyed conference and he felt like everything coming out of the speakers mouths was about missionary work. Overall Jordan sounds like he is doing really well and we can't wait to hear from him again!

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