Saturday, July 20, 2013

Monday July 15th

Jordan had a great week! He did an exchange with a missionary named elder Sheridan on who has only been out of the MTC for 3 months so he said that was very crazy trying to talk to people! They were able to give Jasmina her baptismal interview but then she called them the next day and said she had smoked so they had to call it off for now but hopefully they can baptize her in a few weeks! Jord is still talking with the Grandpa of the family they met a few weeks ago, his name is Osmo. He seems very interested still and Jordan is hopeful that he will want to be converted! They also have some other investigators that seem very interested. One investigator named Sanja is hoping to get baptized on August 27th! They only had 9 people at church on Sunday but there were 6 missionaries, 2 investigators and 1 member so they are really trying to get their numbers up. Jordan gave a talk about the Holy Ghost in Bosnian and really hoped that everyone could understand him!

Jordan told me that they met a tourist from Florida and that she took a picture with him and his companion so I decided to look on instagram and see if I could find the picture and I did! I love when people post stuff about my brother and I am so thankful for modern technology so I can see stuff like this!!

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