Saturday, August 3, 2013

Monday July 22nd & July 29th

July 22nd: Sorry I am so behind on Jordan's blog! I was in New York for a week on a vacation with the girls in my family and then this past week I got engaged so I have been a little busy! Jasmina was baptized! Elder Sheridan ended up baptizing her and then all the Elders sang a song. Jasmina was very happy and she said that was the best thing she has ever done! With her baptism that makes 8 members in his ward :)

Jordan said zone conference went really well. They did a lot of role playing and he said it helped him a lot and he will be able to help investigators with more problems they have now. He is still working very hard on grammar and memorizing vocabulary words and he is getting better. It is still hard for him to understand what people are saying but he is getting the hang of it! Before Jordan left on his mission, he was going to the gym everyday and getting really buff! I asked him how that was going for him and he said he eats cereal pretty much every day and doesn't work out a ton so he is a little worried ;)

July 29th: Jordan was transferred! He is now in a place called Banja Luka, Bosnia. He is companions with Elder Fausnaught again! He was a little worried about that because they are both brand new to the language but he says he is very excited to be back with him! They're new apartment does not have AC and it has been close to the 100's the entire week, so he is trying to get used to that! At the end of my e-mail Jord said him and Elder Fausnaught were leaving to go bowling! He LOVED bowling when he was home (he has his own bowling shoes) and apparently the bowling alley they were going to is very nice so I am sure that was very fun for him :)


  1. I'm a member moving to Sarajevo. And i was wondering if you knew where i could get in touch with the church? I've looked on the church site and couldn't even find an address.
    Perhaps an email or something?

    1. Chayo, If you would like to email my brother you can at

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