Sunday, December 22, 2013

November / December catch-up

Sorry that I am taking forever in updating Jordan's blog! I got married last week and it has been a crazy month!!

Jordan has been in Zagreb, Croatia since mid November and it looks like he will be staying there for awhile! He is companions with the AP's now so he has a car now and they do a lot of work on the computer. His companions are Elder Sheridan form Northern Utah and Elder Scirkovic from New Zealand. There are a lot more members in Zagreb (40) so Jordan really has a great time going to church there! They were able to get a less active member who hasn't been to church for a few years to come back and he really enjoyed being back to church. Also in Jordan's November 18th e-mail he reported that they got 8 new investigators! He had some really great lessons with them and they seem very receptive to the gospel.

In Jordan's November 25th email he said that planning had been tough that week because they were traveling so much. They traveled to Bosnia and Slovenia to help with exchanges and he said it was great to be back in Bosnia and that Slovenia was a very pretty country! He said there were a lot of forests and that it was a lot cleaner than the other countries. For Thanksgiving they were able to go to President Rowe's home for a few hours and he really had a great time. They had turkey and stuffing and a lot of pie! After they ate they went to the park and played football. President Rowe played football for BYU and Jordan loves playing football so he had a really great time doing that. Then that evening they invited the investigators over for dessert and they had a great time talking with them. Jordan and his companions also did a language fast that week where they ONLY spoke Croatian, no English. Jordan said he was a little worried about it but he thought it would be great practice for the language. They also have been meeting with Kresomir who is a less active member and is 21 but that week decided he was going to turn in his mission papers. His two brothers are also investigating the church!

On the first week in December, Jordan traveled to Rijeka, Croatia and REALLY loved it there. He got to see his old companion Elder Fausnaught and  he said the Adriatic Sea is really beautiful. Jordan also went to the Slovenian Conference that week and he said the spirit was very very strong there. Here is a little insert from Jord's email:

Yesterday for Church (crkva) we had a district meeting with all of the members and missionaries throughout all of Croatia. Total there was about 173 people there and some of them were investigators of other missionaries. President Rowe gave a great talk on building the stakes of Zion here. He told the members in 5 years if each of them invites one person to hear the gospel there will be a stake. It was really powerful and I think it made the members think a lot about that. We had lunch with everyone after and it was good seeing some members I knew from Karlovac. Great Sunday for Croatia. Also last night we taught Kresomir's older brother Luka, he said he will be baptized but he doesn't know when. He kept saying when he is a grandpa but we are trying to change that. Kresomir is also doing good we have a goal with him to pass the sacrament next week and then after to be ordained a priest. I will have a follow up on that next Sunday.

In Jordan's last email (December 16th) he said it has a been a long week but he had this story:

I have a pretty funny story to share with you. So Monday night we drove to Karlovac to do an exchange with the elders there. After we got back to Zagreb it was time to go out tracting. We were knocking on doors for about an hour or so. We decided to try and go to this neighborhood where we thought maybe someone would be interested. We were walking around there when all of a sudden two cop cars pulled up to us and about eight cops were surrounding us. They asked us if we were in the building that we just tracted. We said that we were in there, then they told us that someone called the cops and said we were burglars ha. We told them that we weren't and all would have been all right if we had registered in Zagreb when we got there. We kept putting that off. So they made us drive in the back of a cop car to the police station it was a pretty funny experience. We just spoke English and pretended like we didn't know what was going on. The outcome was 600 Kuna fines for each of us, but don't worry the next day we registered ha.
Also we found a really nice family that let us in on Saturday night. THe mom was an Architect and had a son and daughter who were both 19 years old. We talked a little about the Book of Mormon they were Catholic but were willing to listen to us. All in all it was great they told us we could come back. That same night we met a younger guy who we had a lesson with yesterday, but he is satisfied with his belief and is pretty firm about it.

They also got transfer calls and Jordan will be staying in the trio that he is in for now! They had their Christmas party this week so we can't wait to hear how that went and we can't wait to talk to him on WEDNESDAY!!!! :) :) Keep Jord in your prayers and have a great and merry Christmas :) 

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