Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday June 24th

Jordan had a really good week while he was in Sarajevo! For their zone activity he got to hike to a really cool waterfall called Skakavac. Jord said that you can see a lot of signs of the war all over in Sarajevo. There are bullet holes in a lot of the buildings and when you are driving down the road to get to Sarajevo there are signs with skulls on them making sure you don't walk into the fields because of the land mines that Serbia planted when they invaded Bosnia. Jord also go to see his first companion Elder Fausnaught while in Sarajevo and he also saw a few sister missionaries from the MTC which he was very happy about. He also drove passed the Sarajevo Olympic Stadium and he did his first companion exchange for 2 days. His companions name was Elder Sherwood. While he as with Elder Sherwood they talked to an investigator named Faris who could speak English which Jordan was super pumped about! They talked to him about the Holy Ghost and the influence it has in our lives and while they were teaching President Rowe came in and also started teaching him. They invited him to be baptized after and this is Jord's story about it:

"Faris accepted but we aren't sure about a date yet. President told him to pray about his decision and then he left. We met with Faris the next daya nd he told us a great story the spirit was strong in the room! "Usually I am scared of the dark but when I started praying, I decided to turn off all the lights. I prayed for a while and when I opened my eyes I forgot where I was, but I wasn't scared of the dark because I knew God was there with me!" It was so neat, it was definitely a testimony builder. I met some great people in Sarajevo, maybe I will end up serving there.

Jasmina and Bakradina are still planning on getting baptized and have set their date for July 13th :) When Jordan and Elder Kroff were at her house this week giving them a lesson Jasmina told Jord she could tell he was trying his best with the language and that she could joke around and laugh with him and that she couldn't do that with other missionaries before and she said there was something different about Jordan. Jasmina asked Jordan to baptize her! So he will be baptizing them on July 13th in a lake and he is so excited about it!

Jordan didn't have a lot of time to e-mail today but he did mention that he was super excited that the Jazz made Jerry Sloan their Senior Adviser and that they are also getting a new jumbo tron! He also said he would be sending pictures next week :)

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