Sunday, June 16, 2013

Saturday June 15th

Jordan had to e-mail us early this week because on Monday he is going to Sarajevo for a zone activity and conference. He will also be staying there a little longer to work with an Elder in Sarajevo so he won't be back to his area until Thursday! This week, they didn't have any new investigators and they only had 3 members and 1 investigator at church but they are really trying to invite more people to come to church. He said the language is still hard for him but he is trying to learn 10 new words a day. He said that everything he learned in the MTC is completely different than what he is trying to learn now.

I was so happy to hear Jordan report that Jasmina stopped smoking! Here is his story:
"One success story from this week is that Jasmina stopped smoking. Elder Kroff asked her if he could see her box of cigarettes. He asked if he could buy the rest from her, that really made her think. Next thing you know she took all her cigarettes out of the box and ripped them up and threw them on the ground. We have been staying in contact with her a lot since then. We told her she can call us anytime she is stressed so hopefully all goes well with that."

Jord said that whenever they meet people they use their last names and since everyone there has seen Stuart Little they always laugh at him! Especially the little kids. He also said people there drive like crazy. As long as you have your hazards on, you can park anywhere so there are people parked all over the sidewalks haha.

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